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Innovative Ideas for Using AI in Health Literacy (HLOL #245)

by | Mar 1, 2024

Aditya Tummala and Beier Nelson are Co-Founders and Executive Directors of The Health Fluency Project. Their goal is to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other technology to help dismantle barriers that prevent people from accessing health services. Tummala is an undergrad student at Harvard College studying Biomedical Engineering. His primary focus is on socioeconomic disparities that act as health care barriers in rural and marginalized communities. Nelson is also an undergrad at Harvard College. With a dual concentration in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Government, he is looking at community-based barriers to care.

Tummala and Nelson talk with Helen Osborne about:

  • Language, culture, and other differences between patients and providers that can make it even harder to effectively communicate about health.
  • Ways to help make this communication easier for everyone. That includes exciting possibilities for using AI and other technology.
  • Tips, suggestions, and resources to start using now.

More ways to learn:

Health Literacy from A to Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message, Third Edition, by Helen Osborne. Chapters that especially relate to this podcast include “Know Your Audience: Culture and Language,” and the three chapters about Technology.

Read a transcript of this podcast.

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