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Health Literacy from a Systems Perspective (HLOL #240)

by | Oct 1, 2023

Greg O’Neill, MSN, APRN, AGCNS-BC, is Director of Patient & Family Health Education at ChristianaCare in Delaware. Building on his experience in patient care as a trauma/surgical ICU nurse, O’Neill has developed a team of professionals who champion health literacy best practices systemwide and support all manner of patient education initiatives and vendor relationships.

In this podcast, Greg O’Neill talks with Helen Osborne about:

  • A systems perspective of health literacy. The value of looking at health literacy from a high level, considering its many components.
  • Components include 3 essential elements: Tools (teaching materials), Skills (health literacy best practices), and People (including leaders and advocates).
  • Ways to apply these elements in a variety of settings.

More ways to learn:

Health Literacy from A to Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message, Third Edition, by Helen Osborne. Especially relevant to this podcast is the chapter, “Organizations: Health Literacy Across Programs, Companies, Communities, and Countries.”

Read a transcript of this podcast.

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