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A Standardized Patient’s Perspective of Health Communication (HLOL #227)

by | Sep 1, 2022

Kip Clark describes himself as being passionate about better and more meaningful communication. This belief guides his work as a standardized patient with medical students and as a podcast host and producer. Clark came to working as a standardized patient work from a background in improv comedy. He is a graduate of Kenyon College with a degree in English Literature.

In this podcast, Kip Clark and Helen Osborne discuss:

  • A “standardized patient” can be an actor who is trained to portray characteristics of a specific patient and examined by a medical student.
  • The goal of this work is to help medical students improve their communication skills in patient-provider interactions.
  • Tips and strategies about health communication that can apply in all settings. These include listening, being flexible, and authenticity.

More ways to learn:

A quick search of “Standardized Patient” can lead to many interesting links including about programs, training, and job opportunities. I found this video from the University of Mississippi Medical Center especially helpful, What is a Standardized Patient?

Health Literacy from A to Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message, Third Edition, by Helen Osborne. Especially relevant to this podcast is the chapter, “You: Compassion, Empathy, and Humanity.”

Read a transcript of this podcast.

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