Talking about Patient Education Practice Guidelines for Health Professionals (HLOL #210)

Sarah Christensen

Carolyn Cutilli

Carolyn Cutilli, PhD, RN is past president of the Health Care Education Association (HCEA) and co-chair of HCEA’s

Patient Education Guidelines work group. She also is a patient education specialist at Penn Medicine and adjunct professor of nursing research and health policy at American International College. Cutilli writes and speaks about many aspects of health communication, including geriatric health literacy.

Sarah Christensen, MA is director of Patient Education at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. With over 20 years of patient education experience, Christensen provides institutional oversight regarding health literacy and educational resources. She is the co-chair of HCEA’s Patient Education Guidelines work group.

In this podcast Cutilli and Christensen talk with Helen Osborne about a new resource that they and a team created, Patient Education Practice Guidelines for Health Care Professionals. Topics include:

  • The term “patient education” refers to a process of interactions and conversations about health topics between professionals of all disciplines and patients, their families, and many others.
  • Patient Education Practice Guidelines for Health Care Professionals is intended as a clear, concise, evidence-based guide to delivering education as part of patient-centered care. It is a free resource.
  • Practice guidelines in this guide are structured within a framework of APIE (Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation). Cutilli and Christensen share examples from each of these essential elements.

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