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Health Literacy and Health Equity (HLOL #203)

by | Oct 1, 2020

Janet Ohene-Frempong MS, is a plain language and cross-cultural communications consultant with decades of experience in patient/provider communications. Her accomplishments are many. They include leading workshops, keynoting conferences, writing and editing plain language projects, and consulting with a wide range of clients on health-related topics. Janet Ohene-Frempong has deservedly received numerous accolades and awards for her excellent work.

In this podcast, Janet Ohene-Frempong talks with Helen Osborne about:

  • Health literacy is not only about communicating in ways that others can understand but also including skills, actions, and other information to help people stay alive and live as well as possible.
  • Health equity is about giving everyone the same chance regardless of their skin color, money, education, living situation, and other life experiences.
  • Tips and strategies for communicating about health in equitable ways. This goes beyond clarity to include crafting messages with the audience in mind, being nonjudgmental, and considering people’s situational realities. In other words, being “open to their otherness.”

More ways to learn:

Health Literacy from A to Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message, Second Edition (updated 2018), by Helen Osborne. Especially relevant to this podcast is Chapter 41, “You: Empathy and Humanity.”

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