Using Comparative Performance Data to Improve Healthcare Quality (HLOL #51)

Barbra Rabson is the executive director of the Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP). Under her leadership, MHQP has become a trusted source of physician performance information in Massachusetts. MHQP is recognized nationally as well, for its collaborative approach to gathering and reporting on comparative health care quality data.

In this podcast, Barbra Rabson talks with Helen Osborne about:

  • How comparative performance data helps providers and consumers alike.
  • “Expect the Best,” a consumer campaign focused on healthcare quality.
  • Strategies and tips for climbing the “mountain of mutual understanding.”

More Ways to Learn:

Health Literacy from A to Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message, Second Edition (Updated 2018), by Helen Osborne. Relevant chapters include: 27.

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