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Mache Seibel Talks about Using Music and Song (HLOL #2)

by | Oct 6, 2008

Helen Osborne talks with Mache Seibel about using music and song

Mache Seibel, MD educates people about health and wellness. Some days his tools are a stethoscope and prescription pad. Other days, they include a microphone and guitar. Dr. Seibel is a practicing physician and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, MA. He also is known as “Doc Rock,” a composer and performer who records music with health messages as part of his business, HealthRock.

In this Health Literacy Out Loud podcast, Dr. Seibel talks with Helen Osborne about using music and song as a tool of health communication. Topics include:

  • How music and song stimulates the brain
  • Ways clinicians (even non-musical ones) can use music
  • Songs with health messages for all people of all ages
  • Music as entertainment, education, and call to action

Mache Seibel sings most of the songs on this Health Literacy Out Loud podcast. His daughter, Sherry Seibel, sings “Mirror Set Me Free.” To hear more or order the full versions, please go to the HealthRock website at

More ways to learn:

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Health Literacy from A to Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message, Second Edition (Updated 2018), by Helen Osborne. Relevant chapters include: 40, 41.

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