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More information about health literacy at Helen’s website, Health Literacy Consulting


Latest Episodes

Artificial Intelligence & Health Communication (HLOL #238)

Claire Wardle, PhD, is co-founder and co-director of the Information Futures Lab and Professor of the Practice at Brown University's School of Public Health. Wardle is considered a leader in the field of misinformation, verification, and user generated content. Among...

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The Language of Civility (HLOL #237)

LouAnn Bala MSN, RN, brings a background as clinical nurse educator and health coach to her work at Get Well. Her publications and research aim to improve quality and safety for patients, further the study of alternative and lifestyle medicine, and build the case for...

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About Helen Osborne

Helen Osborne knows how hard it can be to understand health information. As an occupational therapist, she treated many patients with limited literacy or language skills. As an educator, she is well aware of people’s varied learning needs and styles. And as a patient, Helen knows how very hard it is to listen and remember when feeling scared, sick, or overwhelmed. Now as a health literacy consultant, Helen works to make a difference.
Helen Osborne Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast

About the Podcast

Health Literacy Out Loud (HLOL) podcasts are a lot like radio shows. You can listen in as Helen Osborne interviews those in-the-know about health literacy. You will hear why health literacy matters and learn practical ways to help. Unlike radio shows, you access Health Literacy Out Loud podcasts from the Internet. You simply access the podcast from this website or an app and listen whenever, wherever, and however you want on your computer, phone, or other MP3 device.

About the Book

Health Literacy from A to Z: Practical Ways to Communicate Your Health Message, Third Edition (updated 2022) is written for someone who cares a lot about communicating health messages clearly and simply. It is also written for someone to whom health literacy is just one of many projects competing for time and attention. Whether you are a physician, nurse, pharmacist, allied health professional, case manager, public health specialist, practice manager, health educator, student, or family caregiver–this book is for you.

Health Literacy from A to Z, 3rd Edition by Helen Osborne
“I am a health educator in my state’s Department of Health. As a health literacy champion, I highly enjoy your podcasts and overall information you share on your website. I’ve been listening to your podcasts during my lunch break jogs. They are a wonderful 30 minutes or so of pure joy!”
Sergio Enciso, Watch Me Grow
Washington Health Educator, Department for Public Affairs

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